11 of the funniest TED Talk spoofs, and what speakers can learn from them

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RejectTED Talks. Onion Talks. DED Talks. Here in the TED office, you often hear chuckles as someone watches one of the quickly growing crop of TED spoofs floating in the ether. And surprisingly, there are some pretty good lessons for speakers embedded in these spoofs. See what I mean below.

The spoof: Stephen Colbert’s RejecTED Talks
Created by: The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
The lesson: Pudding and summer vacation sound like crowd-pleasers. But if there isn’t an idea, it isn’t a TED Talk.

Never heard of TED Talks? “Congratulations on quitting Facebook in 2005,” says Stephen Colbert at the top of this new segment, in which he opens the vault — err, cardboard box — to share rejected talks. First, a kilt-clad Angus MacDougal speaks passionately about meat and pudding, then a young Cayden R. talks about his summer vacation. The problem with both of these talks…

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